Moschino shirt


Moschino has always been subversive, its ‘waist of money’ sloganed skirts, ‘fashion victim’ shirts and blazers proclaiming ‘this is not a Moschino jacket’ were all designed to unsettle those couture buyers who instead wholly embraced them. When AIDS became the enfant terrible of the fashion industry and ripped through its seams, the label’s founder Franco Moschino used his notoriety to educate people about this disease. He launched the His Smile! campaign in 1993, raising funds for HIV-positive children and designing garments with sex-positive slogans – proving that, just as they expected their customers to, Moschino were prepared to put their money where their mouth was. A 1994 advert showed Fiore Crespi, a prominent socialite and AIDS campaigner, in a red ribbon and condom-covered bustier.

Franco Moschino lost his battle with AIDS in 1994 the age of 44, requesting only that the company stay profitable in order that some of the revenue could go towards the causes he believed in. The Moschino Foundation continues to raise money for those affected by AIDS to this day.

100% cotton

W 60cm L 74cm