Harley-Davidson hoodie


2017 loves an battered, oversized hoodie. I’m not usually down with this trend of paying for purposely distressed clothing especially when it comes in the form of a Topshop t-shirt hole-punched within an inch of its life, but when it’s a Harley hoodie which has been worn on a months-long ride down Route 66 and slid on and off the tight body of a sexy mechanic… wait what were we talking about?

Depending on your gender (or just your bravery) pair this beauty with nothing but thigh high boots (such as these), or alternatively slide it over your logo-ed trackie bottoms and limited edition sneakers. See Kanye’s tour merch, the queues at Supreme drops or those sassy Jenner/Hadids and their doppelgänger armies for inspiration. 

80% cotton, 20% polyester

L 81cm W 67cm

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